Managed Business Services

ZEDVentures your strategic AMS partner

ZEDVentures offers full lifecycle application development and management services, from strategy through build, to custom application development, to application modernization, to ongoing application maintenance and support.

Our flexible engagement framework allows you to evaluate your approach to custom application management, and use our services in either a strategic staffing or co-sourcing model, for fixed-deliverable projects, or as a managed service.

ZED offers flexible, scalable, adaptive and customized services to drive performance and business value throughout a customer’s IT environment.

  • Our accelerated transition framework reduces transition efforts and costs through innovative methods to transition multi-vendor support projects
  • We have ITIL & ITSM Framework (Service and Incident Management) that improves business process cycle time and cost of operations
  • COE – Our customer center of excellence and customer specific technology innovation lab ensures continuous maturity of applications to thrive in new age technology landscape
  • 24 X 7 Global AMS delivery model
  • A strong track record of long-standing AMS customers across industries positions us as a strong AMS player
Overview of ZED AMS

Our AMS practice offers a wide range of services and capabilities, including:


End-to-end Managed Services

Provide omnichannel support, unified services delivery, end-to-end automation, DevOps processes and business-aligned KPIs.


Application modernization

Identify opportunities to enhance customer experience, reduce costs and speed processes through automation, new features or add-ons


Business-aligned IT services

Our customer-centric model incorporates application outsourcing, rightsizing and rebadging. Services include process optimization, portfolio rationalization and partnership governance.



Deliver services across the full life cycle, from transition planning and management, engineering support and testing automation to rightsourcing, Agile and Lean IT.


Agile Center of Excellence

Support clients worldwide and promote collaboration between onsite and remote teams by hosting Agile experts, automated test engineers, dynamic architecture engineers, CD engineers, Agile analysts and UX designers.


Lean IT capabilities

Focus on identifying and eliminating unproductive activities that detract value from the business, resulting in lost revenue, reduced productivity or poor customer service


Test automation capabilities

Conduct software test automation for applications on client servers, web technologies, web services, SOA and ERP. In addition, our core testing services include :

  • Test management, test execution and end-to-end testing
  • Test execution efficiency
  • Automation testing
  • User experience testing
  • Data testing

Transition planning and management

Perform audit of entire IT landscape, including applications, technologies and processes. Create a tailored plan aligned with your business objectives, along with agreed-upon KPIs and transition governance.