Unifying platform enabling Digital insights

ZenOptics is not just another reporting or analytics tool – it’s a unifying platform that leverages your existing investments and empowers your team to access and organize content from disparate reporting and document management systems and technologies into intuitive, decision-focused views.


Content Management Complexity

Decision makers need to have direct, instantaneous access to accurate reports in order to proactively steer their business towards their strategic goals. But effectively leveraging the information contained in these reports can be a challenge in itself, as shown by the following issues that various business users have to contend with:


Frustration from having to search and execute content in different systems

Difficulty of tracking and utilizing content usage

Users unaware of existing/similar content related to desired content

Lack of transparency with regard to what content exist in the systems and who are using them


Inefficient use of IT resources due to multiple requests for content creation

Duplication of content

Report rationalization required periodically

Training required in different systems


ZenOptics Key Benefits



Eliminate redundant content


Search meaningful content across sources


Standardize with certified reports and KPI

User adoption

Collaborate on critical busines decisions


Identify unused content with powerful Analytics



With its customer-defined catalog and flexible user interface, ZenOptics allows you to create your view of the world. It has favorites functionality and makes it easy for you to migrate and consolidate existing favorites into ZenOptics. It also enables you to seamlessly collaborate with your colleagues and rank and score content.


Business-defined catalog

ZenOptics provides a customer-defined catalog based on Functional, Business Process, or Organization Views, enabling you to easily view all available content from a single location. With ZenOptics, you can easily include and organize structured and unstructured content.



Refining and Integrating

ZenOptics provides a consolidated access to reporting tools such as ECC, BW, BEx, BPC, Business Objects, Microstrategy, Cognos, Tableau, and Qlik, as well as cloud-based systems including Salesforce, Sucessfactors, and Workday. Through ZenOptics, you can also consolidate access to document management systems and Big Data in any database -- be it structured or unstructured.

Don't have access? Initiate and manage client access request process.




We pride ourselves in enabling data-driven enterprises, helping them turn the information contained in their content into actionable insights for quicker, data-driven decision. Our solutions empower business users to perform guided analytics, enable them to proactively steer their business toward their specific goals and objectives, and help them address issues as they happen by providing them a platform where they can easily and seamlessly collaborate.


Metadata and Content Launch

ZenOptics provides access to view detailed Content Metadata at runtime, and enables you to understand tables, columns, objects, and other detailed information as well as other relevant or related content.


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