Tuesday, 2016, May 17

San Jose, CA: ZEDventures, a Silicon Valley based Product and Solutions company and an SAP Partner, today announced the launch of ZenOptics® 2.0, a scalable Decision Support Platform for enabling Digital Execution. ZenOptics leverages your existing investments in Enterprise Software and unifies the consumption of content that is key for critical business decisions.

"Most enterprises are attempting to leapfrog into becoming a System of Execution and Customer Experience, but are handicapped by a lack of insight from their data silos," said Saurbh Khera, CEO of ZEDventures. "To enable Digital Execution, enterprise business leaders need data-driven insights in real-time with the "best of breed" tools that are constantly evolving in today’s reporting landscape. ZenOptics is designed to offer exactly this—a decision support platform that integrates multiple data silos internally, blends external data from available sources, and gives the business user a precise view of his enterprise and customer profile."

Every business leader who has invested in enterprise software has recognized the need to build a strong Digital Core. A typical enterprise will have at least 3-4 reporting environments. Users have been used to the user experience provided by these reporting tools. ZenOptics was built specifically to bring all this insights together in one platform.

"Every enterprise today realizes that their decision makers are using multiple reporting tools because of mergers or acquisitions, or departmental decisions. This leads to fragmented insights that leads to costly mistakes as decisions are not driven by a consolidated view of data," said Ramesh Sunder, Senior Vice President at ZEDventures. "ZenOptics can unify the content in one place by retaining the native experience and allows users to search, compare and make decisions from data seamlessly."

"ZenOptics is coming out of ramp-up and after successful installs and incorporating direct customer feedback into the product, ZenOptics is now ready for prime-time . We are highly excited to bring forward a robust and scalable product to the enterprise market," said Saurbh Khera.

Zedventures also offers solutions in the areas of Big Data, Data Science and Marketing Intelligence and Advanced Analytics all powered by SAP HANA, where business users can integrate external data sources from agencies, machines, and social portals to create specific insights for their digital execution.

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