ZEDventures’ targeted solutions allow you to glean useful business insight from multiple Big Data sources both inside and outside your enterprise. We leverage our Data Science expertise to enable you to solve real business problems by helping you connect the dots, recognize emerging patterns, and identify trends even before they begin.

Insights tailored for your Line of Business

We deliver Insights specifically tailored to the following lines of business (LoBs):


At ZED, we know that you have made investments to improve your topline growth by understanding your customers and providing them the best service. If you are considering investing in this area, we are ready to help you build a world-class, customer-centric company. Our productized solution offerings with a focus on “Speed-to-Value” coupled with our unmatched industry experience in Sales, Marketing, Service, and Customer Engagement will help you maximize your investments in your digital core while making it more agile and dynamic. Here are some of the many use cases where ZED can help you:


Sentiment Intelligence

Social Listening will help you improve products and services

Stream Intelligence

Analyzing web logs from your website can provide you great insights on online traffic


Customer Churn

Predicting propensity to churn will help you avoid revenue leakage

Pipeline & Revenue Forecasting

Accurate forecasting of pipeline conversion and revenue will help you plan for the future


Campaign Management

Targeting the right customers with the right message will lead to topline growth

Product Recommendations

Presenting the right products at the right time will increase sales and optimize inventory levels



We know how hard it is to manage the receivables, payables, cash flows, and margins for your company. The financial health of any company in today’s networked economy is fully dependent on the insights that can be harnessed from the data both inside and outside your enterprise. Our years of industry-specific experience in Finance, together with our productized solution offerings focused on “Speed-to-Value,” will help you implement the right digital strategy and maximize your investments in your digital core while making it more agile and dynamic. Here are some of the many use cases where ZED can help you:


Financial Benchmarking

Understanding how you are doing compared to your peers is critical to stay competitive

Margin Analysis

Knowing profitability margins is key to improving the financial health of your company


Financial Trends

Predicting currency fluctuations and commodity prices can help make some key financial decisions

Late payment management

Cash flow forecasting and projections are critical to manage better financial future


Financial Planning & Consolidation

Accurate financial planning is strategic for every company whether it is GL, Capital Expenditure or Headcount planning

Enterprise Risk and Compliance

Identify potential financial risks and automate governance, risk and compliance solutions to bring financial discipline



Managing supplier relations is critical for running a profitable operation. We understand the pain points regarding supplier onboarding, tracking quality deliverables and managing accounts payables. We know that insights from external data can help you manage supplier risks better. We bring in productized solution offerings with a focus on “Speed-to-Value” together with our unmatched experience in Procurement to help guide the right strategy so you can maximize your investments in your digital core. Here are some of the many use cases that will help you to manage your supplier relations and provide cost savings opportunities:


Spend Analysis

Managing procurement spend optimally can help provide incremental cost savings

Supplier Sentiments

Understanding the sentiments for a supplier and the products they sell can be critical to identifying potential risks


Commodity Trends

Predicting currency fluctuations and commodity prices can help make some key procurement decisions

Supplier Risk Analysis

Understanding the legal, financial and regulatory risks a supplier faces can help predict the level of risk


Supplier Rationalization

Spending spread across multiple suppliers would hinder price negotiations. Rationalizing suppliers will help improve savings

Contract Re-Negotiations

Supplier rationalizations and price optimizations would require purchase contract re-negotiations



Manufacturing companies that have invested in heavy assets are looking to optimize their investments by reducing the cost of operations, increasing throughput, and increasing the life of their equipment with accurate asset management strategies. At ZED, we can help you optimize your operations while reducing costs through our productized solution offerings and unmatched industry-specific experience in Manufacturing that will help you maximize investments in your digital core. Here are some of the many scenarios where ZED can help take your business to the next level:


Signal Intelligence

By analyzing data (such as temperature, pressure, and vibration readings) from equipment, companies can reduce costs and extend the life of their equipment

Asset Breakdown Analysis

Understanding KPIs such as MTTR and MTBF helps companies optimize their manufacturing costs and operations


Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Predicting overall equipment performance and downtimes can be key to keeping production schedules on time

Predict Demand and Inventory

Accurately predicting demand is critical to optimizing production operations and ensuring right inventory levels


Responsive Production Planning

Shorten lead times with lower costs by real-time allocation of resources and optimizing manufacturing capacity on the shop floor

Connected Manufacturing

Effective handover from engineering to manufacturing and real-time connectivity to equipment lead to effective execution


ZED Predictive Analytics Use Cases

Our Predictive Analytics solutions have produced significant, measurable impacts for a variety of
client use cases, including but not limited to the following:
  • Better pipeline and revenue forecasting
  • Customer segmentation
  • Market segmentation
  • Marketing campaign success
  • Product recommendation
  • Market basket analysis
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Store clustering
  • Short-term check-out prediction
  • Maintenance cost analysis by type
  • Asset breakdown analysis
  • Stock consumption analysis
  • Predict customer demand and inventory requirements
  • Predictive Original Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Profitability analysis with financial trends
  • Company performance using correlation
  • Late payment management
  • Churn modeling and offer recommendation
  • Rotational churn detection
  • Multi-SIM detection
  • Post-paid analysis
  • Analyze demand data
  • Product fulfillment and optimization
  • Brand sentiment and sales analysis

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